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Marcia Martin has helped tens of thousands of people to communicate and speak more powerfully, sell with ease, lead with inspiration, and build organizations that produce championship results. She is renowned as one of the most effective transformational leadership trainers and executive coaches in the world, and is a sought after corporate trainer, workshop leader, and motivational speaker. She is an acknowledged expert in developing human potential, shifting paradigms and mindsets, creating breakthroughs in communication and relationships, and in transforming corporate cultures.

Marcia has personally trained over 350,000 people globally to be more powerful and competent speakers and leaders. As the CEO of Marcia Martin Productions, Inc., an international executive training firm, she has trained and developed tens of thousands of executives on four Continents to strengthen and expand their leadership results in life and in business. Her client list includes: Warner Bros., Loews Hotels, McCain Foods Global, Capital One Financial, Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inter-Continental Hotels, The DANONE Group, Evian Water, Hospital Corporation of America, Chase Bank, Hyatt Hotels International, Allianz, Banamex, BBDO Advertising, ICM Talent Agency, House of Blues Hotel Chain, Hard Rock Hotel Chain, and the City of Chicago.

Marcia has personally trained over 350,000 people globally to be more powerful and competent speakers and leaders.

Marcia has facilitated the Power of Speaking Workshop, an advanced communication and presentation skills course for speakers and leaders since 1983 throughout major cities in the USA, Canada, Europe and Mexico – graduating over 20,000 students in the art of powerful public speaking skills. She has personally trained many of the top motivational speakers of our time.

A renowned event producer and production manager, Marcia has been responsible to promote, produce and fill thousands of large special events worldwide, filling major auditoriums to capacity including San Francisco’s Cow Palace (20,000) and Masonic Auditorium (3,500); the Los Angeles Sports Arena (7,500); the HIC in Honolulu (5,000); and the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York (5,000). She has also managed, filled, and produced thousands of smaller events with 100 – 2,500 capacity, throughout the USA in both corporate and public events.

Marcia has promoted and produced events and filled major auditoriums to capacity of up to 20,000 people.

With extensive international business experience, Marcia was a Principle and Vice President of Tsuru, Inc., an international Manufacturing, Marketing and Design Firm that manufactured, marketed, designed and distributed fashion accessories and jewelry created by renowned fashion designer, Laurel Burch. Marcia took Tsuru, Inc. from inception to over $5 million in sales in just two years, creating a global manufacturing, distribution and sales system with over 3,500 wholesale accounts worldwide, and offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, New York, and San Francisco. She was responsible to produce and manage major Trade Shows and special events throughout the USA, showcasing designs for customers in collaboration with buyers, museums, fashion magazines, art galleries and the media and news press.

Marcia has been an influential maven of transformation and human potential for over 40 years, is considered an original pioneer of the Human Potential Movement, and was personally mentored and trained by Buckminster Fuller, Werner Erhard, Oscar Ichazo, Swami Muktananda, George Leonard, Gabrielle Roth, Marie Diamond, and Jerry Weintraub. She has been a student of metaphysics since a young girl, and is an expert at using the Mind to heal, utilizing the Spirit Mind Body connection. She was instrumental in building some of the most influential personal development organizations of our time.

As a Founding Member, Vice President and Board Member of est (Erhard Seminars Training, now known as the Landmark Forum) she helped to take the company from inception to millions of graduates worldwide, and was responsible for all est sales, enrollment and marketing efforts, for filling and producing all est events, and for training the est trainers, graduate seminar leaders, and guest seminar leaders in enrollment, sales, public speaking and communication. She was a key coach and consultant to John Hanley and LifeSpring, Tony Robbins and Tony Robbins Research, Jack Canfield and the Breakthrough to Success Programs, Bob Hoffman and The Hoffman Process, Marshall Thurber and the Burklyn Business School, DC Cordova and the Money & You Programs, Ole Larsen and the Institute of Self Awareness (ISA), and Chris Majer and the Human Potential Project (HP2), helping them to expand and sustainably grow their organizations worldwide. She is an instructor for Lynne Twist’s Pachamama Awakening the Dreamer, Change the Dream Symposiums, was a Mentor for students at Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Entrepreneur School in Bali, and was a Senior Coach for Jim Selman’s Paracomm Partners, Inc. As well, Marcia was a Founding Member of the Transformational Leadership Council (TLC), where she was Vice President, Program Director, and Board Member for TLC’s first 5 years of operations. She also serves on the Wisdom Board of the Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe.

Marcia uses her expertise and technology in the areas of relationships, sales, leadership, and communication skills to teach mastery and influence to those who want to be more effective communicators and leaders in life and in the world. She holds a BS Degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco, and was knighted in 2012 by the Sovereign Order of the Orthodox Knights Hospitaller of Saint John of Jerusalem for her global humanitarian contribution in ending hunger, saving the rain forest, and educating youth at risk. She is the Co-Founder of the Human Potential Academy, an online global wisdom school producing transformative education and programming for individuals and organizations. Marcia is a Society of Fellows Member of the Aspen Institute where she lives in Aspen, Colorado.

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